Hi! I’m Kayla Calloway, 18 year old student from Valdosta, Georgia! Just a little bit about me and why I started this company.


Starting with the logo, which is a sunflower that came from my mother. Unfortunately, I lost my mother in May of 2019 to Lupus. My mom always loved sunflowers and had our home decorated with them everywhere. She had sunflower dresses, cups, steering wheel covers, etc. As I got older, I found myself loving sunflowers just as much as her. I chose the name “KB SKIN SOAP” from my name. My name is Kayla and my mom’s maiden name is Brown. I combined the two initials K & B. KB is a nickname that most of my close friends call me.


What encouraged me to start this business also came from my mom, but myself as well. Lupus affected my mom’s skin and she would have bad skin flare-ups which affected her self-esteem. Nothing would work for her, even the medicated skincare from her doctor. I also struggled with my skin. I would have very dry skin due to having eczema. I would have discoloration, dry patches, and inflamed skin. I went through at least 50 products which became expensive trying to solve my skin problem. Dermatologists can often become expensive and not everyone can afford insurance. I wore face masks to cover my face because I was so insecure about how my face looked. One day I was online researching what could help me with my skin and I found a solution. This is when I started to make my soap. It started as just something for me to have then everyone noticed the improvement in my skin. Everyone kept asking me to make some for them, and they started paying me, and now, I have KB SKIN. It is important to me that my brand carries the essence of my connection with my mother.


My mission is to “build confidence one soap bar at a time.” I also strive to choose ingredients with a purpose in mind and to sell my product at a  price everyone can afford.  I base my business on self-esteem and confidence. For a long time, my skin caused me to have low self-esteem. I feel no one should feel the way I felt about myself. My main business goal is to inspire other young girls of color to use something they may have seen as bad and turn it into good.